Toys for Adventures

Built as a full displacement twin screw diesel motor yacht with an aluminum hull and superstructure, Unbridled is the perfect combination of luxury and functionality to visit some of the most remote parts of the world.

Featuring 2 tenders, 2 jetskis, 2 kayaks, an assortment of water tubes and water sports equipment, she is ready for any type of adventure.

Take in the sun

Located at the forward end of the deck is the riding seat, a prized spot for one to sit when pulling into port or a private cove. It offers the most spectacular view one can ever imagine.

The ultimate destination for sun bathing lies on the sun deck. Due to her scale and diversity, it has been humorously referred to during the design process as the "resort deck", simply because the amenities of this deck are akin to what one would expect to find at a high-end resort.

Dine in elegance

The main deck features a private dining salon with the same wood species found in the main salon. One prominent design feature in the dining salon occurs on the starboard bulkhead. A spectacular mirror underwent a special process during its creation to produce an aged or antiqued appearance. Hand painted from behind, this process is called "Eglomise" and was commissioned to be produced to a custom design specification. The application of mirror on this bulkhead was inspired by the fact that the starboard side of the room has less window views than that of the port side; therefore, the mirror was intended to visually lighten this side of the room, thus adding a subliminal and important sense of balance to the space.

No marine dining experience is complete without a galley, and Unbridled's galley was designed to keep with the balance of the yacht's interior design, contrasting the finest of modern commercial kitchen appliances.

Set sail in comfort

Complete with a master bedroom, 2 VIP cabins, 2 twin cabins and one multipurpose cabin, guest accommodations allow for private relaxation and comfort even when moving.

Whether you are on the move or anchored in paradise, Unbridled is full of the lastest audio/visual technology, all controllable and viewable from anywhere on the yacht.